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Eureka HF-7 HEPA Filter

Eureka HF-7 HEPA Filter

The HF7 filter is designed to fit Eureka Upright vacuum cleaner 2270B, 2271, 2900, 2940 and 2970 series.

  • Replaces Eureka OEM # 61850, 61850A, & 61850B.

  • Universal HF7 HEPA vacuum filter replacement.




Examples of upright vacuum cleaners the Eureka HF-7 filter includes:

Altima 2940, 2950AV, 2991AVZ, 2993AV, 2996AVZ
Maxima 2903A, 2904AZ
Boss SmartVac 4870HZ, 4870K, 4870MZ, 4870PZ
EZ Kleen 2981A, 2981AVZ, 2981BVZ, EU61850