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Eureka HF-5 HEPA Filter

Eureka HF-5 HEPA Filter

Designed to fit Eureka 5700 and Eureka 5800 series upright vacuum cleaners.
Replacement for Eureka part # 61830, 61830A
Universal replacement filter for Eureka upright vacuums using HF-5 filters, including:

Boss 4D Pet Fresh 5893BVZ
Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless 5740A,  5740A-1, 5440A-2, 5842AV
Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless 5842AV-1, 5844AV, 5846AH, 5846AH-1
Whirlwind LiteSpeed Bagless 5848AV, 5848AV-1
Eureka Boss Genesis II 5849A, 5851AV, 5852AV, 5856AV
Eureka Boss Genesis II 5856BV, 5857AZ, 5860A, 5860AVH
Eureka Boss Genesis II 5892AVZ, 5902AVZ

5700 and 5800 series models of the Eureka LiteSpeed Bagless, Eureka Boss Genesis and  Eureka Boss Signature also use the HF-5 filter.