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Vacuum Parts and Accessories > Parts and More for Vacuums > Eureka Brushroll #61308-2 - wood 15

Eureka Brushroll #61308-2 - wood 15

Eureka Brushroll #61308-2 - wood 15

15 inch wide Brush Roller. Designed to fit Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Models: 4459AS, 4460ETC, 4463AV, 4463AV-1, 4464AT, 4467AT, 4467AT-1, 4468A, 4468A-1, 4468AT-1, 4468AT-1, 4476BT-1, 4480BT-1, 4481BT-1, 4481BT-2, 4483ATS-1, 4483ATS-2, 4485BT-2, 4485BT-3, 4488AT, 4489AT, 4495A-1, 4496AV, 4496AV-1, 4497AH, 4497AH-1, 4498AS, 4660AT, 4672ATV, 4674AT, 4680AT-2, 4680AT-3, 4684AT-1, 4684B, 4684B-1, 4686ATV, 4686ATV-1, 4686ATV-2, 4688ATV, 4689ATV, 4696AV, 4696AV-1, 4696AV-2, 5195AT, 5196AT, 5197AT, 5197B . 14.5" Length x 1.5" Diameter with Octagonal ends