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MD Tank Flo-Master- Hyperflow Filtration 8 Gallon Capacity

By locating the Flo-Master power unit outside the living area, all germ-laden air is exhausted outside the living area, not re-circulated throughout the home as with portable vacuum units.
The experience of cleaning with a powerful, built-in vacuum system will save tremendous time and effort. Simply plug the light-weight hose into any conveniently located outlet throughout the home and even the most difficult cleaning tasks become a breeze
- all types of floors and carpets, stairways, ceilings, corners, drapes, crevices and furniture are no problem.
Vacuum over a thread once and it's gone. Animal hair is no challenge. The Flo-Master F1156AH has a unique combination of a relatively low cost, low maintenance, and high value. Suitable for homes up to 8000 square feet, the Flo-Master immediately adds value to any home.
Multiple filtration: 3-Ply Hyperflow® Disposable Bag. Plus additional secondary filters. Large Trash Capacity. 8-Gallons. Filtered Exhaust. Virtually dust free exhaust. Dual Intake Valves. Ease for installation. 18 & 20 Gauge Durable Steel, Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty. 10-year Inclusive Warranty.

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