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Hidden Retractable Hose System

Based on the original Hose Magic - the first patented, push-button hose management system on the market - The hose dispenses and disappears inside the wall. Only retractable hose system that utilizes an electric powerhead. Each station contains a separate hose that reaches up to 2,000 sq. ft. Several can be positioned throughout the home depending on size and floor plan. Example: a 4,000 sq. ft. two story home may require 1 station on each floor. It features button controls on a swivel handle for all functions on a 45 foot hose. The system has a torque limiter: This control limits the power to the motorized retractor to avoid damage to the hose should it get hung up in either exiting the storage cavity or retracting back into the wall. The system has a reset button in the event the floor brush becomes clogged and the unit stops, and a fuse if the retractor ceases working. These are easily accessible on the top of the circuit board cover behind the retractor unit. The unit is designed normally for new construction, remodeling or updating your present central vacuum system for easy Hose Management.

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