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Pet Vac

It is specially made to fit 99% of central vacuum systems via a uniquely designed hose and airflow bleeder valve. Harness the ultimate suction of your central vacuum unit - connect the hose to your longer central vacuum hose - and cleanly groom anywhere!

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The Shed Eliminator is a hybrid between a professional pet de-shedding comb and a vacuum accessory. Normally, thousands of hairs are safely removed from your pet using a comb like this, but where does it all go!? On you, your floor, and into the air. The vacuuming power of the Shed Eliminator means that you don't have to worry about spreading dirty pet hair around your house. Its all vacuumed up and sent to your central vacuum unit.

Sometimes, you may not need the functionality of a de-shedding comb, but you'll want to give your pet a relaxing brush-down. Use the soft rubbery bristled brush to do just that. Make direct contact with the soft underbelly or delicate toes. The Small Pet Brush is safe to use just about anywhere. Never worry about your pets shedding on your sofas again when you have the Lint Brush. Featuring two lint removing edges on the front and back underside, accompanied by a wide air channel, you'll completely remove pet hair from any upholstered surface.

This 15 foot Pet Vac hose is designed to couple onto your standard central vacuum hose. Please use this hose ONLY when it is connected to a longer hose. It also features an airflow bleeder valve that makes combing and vacuuming your pet easier. Plug this hose into your central vacuum hose and open the bleed valve. Then span the hose out 15 feet away from the sound of the airflow. Most animals won't even know a vacuum is running, because most of the sound is at the bleeder valve. For extra airflow release, open the bleeder valve on your central vacuum hose, if available. The hose will not fit some Electrolux or Hoover central vacuum hoses. Purchase a Basic Hose to use the kit, it fits these systems.


The Shed Eliminator blade may look sharp, but it is not. Its shape and functionality are very safe and are the standard amongst common professional de-shedding combs. Shed Eliminator comes with a medium sized comb blade. Small and large sized replacement blades are available separately.

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