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Central Vacuum Wireless Remote Control (RF)

Central Vacuum Wireless Remote Control (RF)

The new 3-piece central vacuum remote control allows you to use your central vacuum unit without running low voltage wire. This set-up can be used in a new construction or existing home. The remote control set-up enables you to activate your vacuum unit in any existing home where the low voltage wire is no longer working properly. There are many reasons why low voltage wire stops working...

* Inadequate installation. 

* Wires may rot or come loose over   time. 

* Someone in the attic accidentally tripping on a wire. 

* Rats eating through the wire. 

And countless other reasons. 

Outside of the many reasons why existing homes may need this set-up, there are many instances where the low voltage wire was never installed before the walls went up, making it virtually impossible to install the wire. Home owners may also simply want the convenience of a remote control system, without the worries of installing low voltage wire

Simply attach remote on the vacuum hose handle and other components near the vacuum power unit. 
Range is similar to a vehicle remote lock/unlock key fob - about 150 feet depending on wall thickness and number. A small transmitter plugs into 120v and hangs near the vacuum unit and wire connects to the vacuum unit from it. Use this remote clicker to activate the vacuum on and off.