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Why a central vacuum?

It's quieter: The receptacle for the dirt is far away from your living space and so is the noise. 
It weighs less: Nothing could be lighter than the powerhead of a central vacuum system. No need to carry those heavy, cumbersome vacuums from room to room. 
It's more powerful: A built-in system has GREAT SUCTION! Many times more powerful than regular uprights or canisters. More powerful-so it cleans better! Pet hair, dust mites, and other allergy causing dirt is easily removed from your living space.
It's cleaner: Never again will you see the "floating dirt" after vacuuming. Your house will stay cleaner, less dusting required.
Allergy Relief: Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems addressed by allergists. One in three people in the U.S. have dust-related allergies and the EPA estimates that indoor air may be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. A central vacuum is often recommended for removing pollutants since 100% of pollens, bacteria, and pet dander vacuumed are exhausted out of the home when vented outdoors. Researchers at the University of California at Davis School of Medicine revealed that the use of a central vacuum system reduced nasal allergy symptoms by as much as 47%, eye symptoms by as much as 61% and improved indoor air quality by 52%.
Central vacuums pick up allergy causing dust and remove it from your living space.
Cost Saving & Value Added: Installing a central vacuum adds instant value to your real estate. In addition to the instant bump in value, central systems are more durable and longer lasting than common home vacuums. You'll spend less time and money replacing inexpensive vacuums and more time living, while enjoying the high quality of a central vacuum system.
We all know the short lifespan associated with most upright and handheld vacuums. Central vacuum systems are built to last. Many of our customers go over 10 years before they even think about replacing their central vacuum accessories or requiring maintenance. How many times have you replaced your vacuum in 10 years?

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