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Green Line

Green Line
What does "greener alternative" mean and does it work? 

First, the use of the word "green" is not regulated, so it is often over-used and causes confusion.   However, when it comes to cleaning, here's what "green" means to us:
  1. Non-toxic and biodegradable:  A green cleaner is not toxic to you or animals, and it is readily biodegradable (within 28 days).  That doesn't mean "green" products are completely safe (don't drink them!), but in comparison, many common household chemicals (like chlorine bleach and ammonia) are quite dangerous, and potentially toxic.
  2. Less irritating formulas:  Our greener alternative formulas have chemicals that are less irritating to you and the environment compared to traditional formulations.
  3. Low or no VOC's:  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  VOC's are released into the air when a product comes out of the bottle.  Why is that bad?  VOC's are lung irritants, health hazards and add to the carbon layer above the earth.  Indoor air is 5-7 times as polluted as outdoor air and a major contributor is VOC's from household products.  By switching to low or no VOC cleaning products, you can improve your indoor air quality significantly.
Are green formulas as good as our original formulas?  
They are close, but are not quite as strong.  So regardless of the formula you choose, you can count on our products to work.