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Black Magic Filter Gutter Screens

* Black Magic Filters® Patented Design Fits Neatly Inside 5" or 6" K-Style Design Gutters. 
Installs in minutes, only scissors or a cutter required for Installation.
* Unique "Pre-Scored" Guidelines on the Inside of the Filter Aid With Fast & Easy Installation.

* "Pre-Scored" Line (10% off Center on the Inside of the Filter) is Designed to Increase the Slope on the Top of the Filter, to Help Shed Debris Better Than Other Similarly Designed Products.
* Filters are Made From a Non-Woven Poly with a Micro-Screen for Maximum Protection & Allows Water to Flow Through Fast and Easy and are Mold, Mildew & Fungus Free!
* Filters Will Not Cave In or Collapse, Crack, Crumble, Bend, Dent or Separate.
* Filters Measure 1/2" + Thick for Optimum Design Thickness to Keep Debris Out and Allow Water to Flow at a Rate of Over 310 Gallons Per Hour.
* Installs In Minutes and are Virtually Invisible from the Ground.
* Absolutely No Other Gutter Screen, Cover or Hooded System works as Effectively as Black Magic Filters® to Keep Your Gutters Clean and Free-Flowing.
* Black Magic Filters® are UL Tested for Flame Resistance and Fire Retardant.